Meet the Teacher


Hello! My name is Ms. Hunter and I have the pleasure of spending the next year as the 8th grade English-Language Arts teacher. I am so excited about all that the students will bring into our classroom community as well as all that I hope to impart to my scholars as well. This will be my first school year as a full-time teacher and I am very enthusiastic about all that will transpire throughout the year. Last year I was a teacher-in-training at Howe School of Excellence in the Austin neighborhood and fell in love with teaching as soon as I met my first set of students. Watching them grow throughout that first year really solidified my passion for teaching.

Before deciding to teach, I attended Howard University where I obtained my Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature. I’ve always had a love for good writing–be it written by myself or other notable authors. My intent was to graduate and become a world renowned fiction writer and media journalist. But after mentoring and tutoring all four years of college, I decided to explore another passion of mine–education. After earning my bachelors degree, I worked as a tutoring program coordinator through AmeriCorps in Washington, DC. I was able to work with students who were below grade level in math and reading to get them caught up in their learning so that they could be successful academically. I loved working with hundreds of students a week and seeing them determined to get better each week, but I knew that I wanted to work more hands-on with students as well.

Now that I am teaching full-time in my own classroom, I am so excited to work with my students on becoming the best versions of themselves that they can be. I believe that each of my students will go on to do amazing things in their lives, their families lives and their communities. It just takes time, perseverance and a dedication to themselves to do the work. I look forward to exploring the world of English Language Arts with my students this year!