Letter to the Families


My name is Ms. Hunter and I will be working with you scholar this year as their 8th grade ELA teacher. This is my first year teaching independently and I am very excited to get the school year underway and learn what special gifts your scholar will bring into our classroom community. It is my firm belief that all students have the ability to do and be great if they work hard and believe they can as well.

This year is a very important year as your scholar will be transitioning out of elementary school and into high school and it is our job to work together to ensure that they are set up to be successful in their next level of education. Although I am their teacher for this year, you are the head of their lives and as such I will be depending on you to support your scholar just as you depend on me to teach them. Together, I know that we can help your scholar reach heights unimaginable.

You will be receiving information from the 8th grade teaching staff throughout the school year to make you aware of events, high school application processes and graduation. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. I’m looking forward to meeting and sharing more with you this school year.


Warmest Regards,

Ms. Hunter