Classroom Jobs

Our classroom is our community. And like any other community, we all have a vested interest in our collective success. In order for this to happen, we all have a job to do! Check out our jobs and descriptions below


El Presidente, Head Honcho, Queen, Ms Hunter

The end-all-be-all, the lead teacher, the lead facilitator, the judge and the jury. She controls the whole community with the assistance of the community members.

Teacher’s Assistants (2)

TAs work alongside the teacher in maintaining pertinent paperwork. They help with grading work, organizing information, printing and making copies. They work before and after school primarily, but may also be called upon to assist El Presidente during class.

Community Ambassadors (3):

Our community ambassadors greet our guests whenever they enter the room with a warm welcome and a brief overview of what is currently happening in class. They also greet new students and give them an overview of the routines and procedures in our community. They are their community partner for the first week of school, helping them get adjusted to their new school and ease them into our community.

Supply Manager

The supply manager manages inventory of all classroom supplies, distributing them and collecting them as needed: highlighters, pens/pencils, loose-leaf paper, sticky notes, notebooks, note cards, etc. Reusable materials like highlighters or glue sticks require special attention. The supply manager ensures they are all returned the group supply boxes, stored in the storage area neatly at the end of each class, and maintained in good condition. The supply manager needs to know the inventory well in order to identify any missing materials during collection.

Accountants (2)

The accountants is in charge of distributing the ELA coins that students earn as well as collecting the ELA coins when students would like to buy something from the Supply Master or the Librarian. The accountants must be good with money and keeping track of transactions. They have the option of splitting the work evenly or allowing one person to be in charge of distribution while the other is responsible for transactions. They must however collaborate with book keeping through Google Sheets.

Director of Maintenance

The DM has oversight of the physical space, taking care of ongoing tasks like watering plants, straightening notebooks on the class shelf, and wiping down desks with Lysol wipes every week or so. The DM is not in charge of cleaning up other students’ personal space; however, this student has the very important role of dismissing students, one table at a time, when the surface and space underneath them are tidy. The DM also watches to see that students push in their chairs as they go. (If a student forgets to push in the chair, the DM can dismiss that student last the following day). There’s a lot of power in this job, and I love putting it in the hands of students. As long as I end class a minute or two early to allow this process to take place, there is no need for me to tidy during every transition.


The librarian keeps the community library organized and neat, with books on their proper shelves, categorized by genre. They also keep track of books students check out of the classroom library through this website. The librarian is in charge of the community library as well as the graduate library and the bookstore. They are to collaborate with the Accountant, Supply Manager and the Head Honcho to assist in maintaining bookstore and library records.

Mail Carriers (2)

This mail carrier is responsible for distributing completed work to student mailboxes in a timely manner. They are prompt in delivering this completed work so that students have time to make corrections and study their work for future reference. They have a 48-hour delivery GUARANTEE!


The term griot originates from West Africa and refers to the traditional role of a storyteller or historian who is known for vocal expertise. We’ve loosely borrowed this term for the classroom to create a role that involves important speaking tasks. For example, we hold a weekly class advisory meeting, and the griot officially begins the meeting with the words, “The meeting is now in session,” and then shares the motivational quote for the week aloud. The Griot also is in charge of gradually facilitating classroom discussions  (ie. socratic seminars, fishbowl discussions, etc.).


This highly customizable role calls on a student to take on writing tasks that can help serve the classroom in any way. He or she can keep notes for absent students in a special class notebook or on the class tablet/laptop. They also are called upon to write to take notes on the board, into powerpoint presentations, onto anchor charts, and more during class time.


The journalist is our historian who works with El Presidente to post student work and other pertinent information to the community website. They choose excellent examples of student work to be posted on our bulletin board and the website for others to see while also posting updates of what’s going on in our school and our classroom community. From field trip recaps to scholars of the month, the journalist is up on all the news.

Creative Directors (2)

The creative director is in charge of ensuring the look and feel of our classroom community is excellent. They confer with Ms. Hunter on bulletin board ideas as well as handouts, anchor chart designs, newsletter designs, and more. They also make suggestions on interior design in the classroom, incorporating decor into the classroom that represents their culture and values.

Dojo Master

The dojo master is responsible for giving dojo points throughout the day as well as taking dojo points away. This is a very powerful position, as dojo points are tied to class trips, ELA coins, and more. As such, the dojo master must be fair and honest in giving points as well as taking points away. They must also be accurate in giving/taking points because parents will have access to They distribute a weekly dojo count to the accountant by the end of the day on Friday so that they can convert the points to ELA coins to be distributed on the following Monday.

Paper Distributor

The paper distributor is simply in charge of distributing and collecting classwork throughout the day. They also file assignments (do nows, exit slips, classwork, etc.) in the make-up work folders for each week. At the end of each week, the paper distributor clears the daily make-up work folders and files them away by week to make room for the next week. Their job is especially important for their peers who miss class and need to catch up on work.

Ticket Distributor

This position involves data management, specifically in regards to attendance and tardiness. The Ticket Distributor is responsible for giving each student a raffle ticket at the beginning of the school day if they are on time. These tickets can be turned in at the end of the week for ELA coins or to be put into the monthly attendance raffle. They are also in charge of taking attendance and issuing tardy warning slips to students who have been consistently tardy for two days in a week. This warning slip will explain that their next tardy will result in a phone call/email home.

Master Chef

Although they won’t actually be cooking, the master chef is in charge of food distribution in the classroom–namely breakfast. They ensure that each of their peers has a balanced breakfast courtesy of the cafeteria staff and distributes them to each student. When the community earns an incentive involving food, they are in charge of distributing this food as well. They also are in charge of directing table groups to throw away their trash when breakfast is coming to an end

Ladies/Gentlemen Line Leaders

The line leaders for both the ladies and the gentlemen’s line are responsible for tight transitions to and from class. They tell their peers to tuck their shirts, straighten their lines, and more. They also lead their respective line to and from class with the direction of the leading teacher. The goal is to ultimately be able to transition the class without the direction of the teacher.


Application Process

Community members must apply for their desired position when applications open at the end of each quarter. Apply online through google classroom and attach a 1-2 paragraph cover letter explaining why you believe you are the best person for the position. Some positions may require interviews at Ms. Hunter’s discretion.