Classroom Exit Procedure

Transitioning out of the ELA classroom should be quick and efficient. Each class should leave the room as they found it so that the next homeroom can come into an environment conducive for learning. Our exit procedure is designed to do just that.

  1. Exit Song begins playing to signal time to end class. By the time the song ends, students should be ready to begin the transition.
  2. Students pack up and return any supplies used for the day to their supply box
  3. Director of maintenance checks each university group’s area for trash and directs them to the coat closet one by one to get their belongings from the coat closet
  4. Supply manager checks each supply box and directs univeristy groups to their exit lines one-by-one if their boxes are full, holds them back if they are missing items
  5. Gentlemen’s line leader holds open the door, ladies line leader waits for a signal from Ms. Hunter to pass out of the classroom to begin their transition
  • Exit Song is picked by the student of the week at the beginning of each week
  • Transitions completed within the song timeframe earns the class 5 dojo points
  • University groups that are held back from transitioning for missing items lose 1 dojo points 

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