ELA Coins & Market Friday

ELA coins are the class currency that can be earned through Class Dojo as well as classroom job paychecks. Scholars can spend their ELA coins only at our Market Friday, which derives from a long-time tradition at Spelman College. Conducted every other Friday for the last 10 minutes of class. Students have the opportunity to buy different items with their ELA coins while also celebrating and socializing after a long two weeks. There is music played, games set up, and even food on occasion.

Here’s a list of items that can be bought at Market Friday with your ELA coins.

  • School Supplies & Books
  • Quarterly Incentive Store
  • Bathroom Pass
  • Tardy Pass
  • Outside Breakfast Pass
  • Homework Pass
  • Breakfast/Lunch from Ms. Hunter Pass
  • Pick-Your-Partner Pass
  • Pick-Your-Seat Pass
  • Out of Uniform Pass
  • Exit Slip Bumper  (add 1 point to your exit slip grade)
  • Classwork Bumper (add 1-5 points to a classwork assignment)
Note: Market Friday is a privilege that can be revoked at teacher discretion based on student behavior.


Have items that you want to sell at Market Friday for ELA Coins or real money? Contact Ms. Hunter about vending.


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